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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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year fifty five. we are starting off here it is six am and fifty four degrees wind southwest at eleven mph and with the southwest winds will come even warmer temperatures through the afternoon yesterday we reach an official high of sixty five you can forget about that we're going to go way higher up into the lower to mid seventies officially an even warmer for and what areas we do have the cloud cover up this morning pushing through but that is going to sit out and we will remain dry for your ride into work so we're in great shape temperatures climbing up to about seventy three at the airport in love there is only a little warmer some spots mid to upper seventies just a fantastic spring day for you and as we head to the evening temperatures into the mid sixties i'll be back with even warmer weather for tomorrow and thursday a few changes to the weekend so you want to stay tuned for more on that right now i'm staying tuned to hear what ashley has to say about naval station norfolk. all right craig it's
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we do have over the delay to report around the base left in the life of now our camera by sixty four westbound just past the runway tunnel that's where delays began mainly for those headed toward hampton blvd not realising that hughes will slow down we see headed toward eight three a so good news if you're headed there but again making its way toward a one in to ym thing that slowed down about three quarters of the way down on five sixty four west so a few more minutes to report to work on time back in the traffic network maps the rest of the area doing pretty well. you want to remind you that j r b opens at noon today so if you're planning to cross the bridge during lunch time they will use the modern era back instead to get between newport news and stuff but become the next few minutes we'll head to western freeway right now seeing good traffic flow one sixty four east headed toward fifty eight will check that together though i'll give you an update in just a few men are ashley thank you for calling in round two of super tuesday for more states get in on the race for president today with primaries and caucuses
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hold primaries for both parties why republicans will caucus and idaho will host a republican primary last night donald trump tweeted quote i love your potatoes and six and two michael bloomberg says he will not run for president as an independent new york times reports bloomberg fears of a three way race could lead to donald trump's election he says trump is a candidate who would quote destroy the security and stability of the united states the decision by the former new york where ends months of intensive preparation for kim to see the united states marine corps says that they have discharge a new recruit over the incident that you are watching right now. this is video from a donald trump rally in louisville kentucky last week a woman filled herself protesting and was physically pushed out by the rally goers apparently joseph prior you see right there posted a picture of himself appearing to yell at
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says that hatred towards any group is not tolerated. so he was discharged. gma has the latest on both sides of the race to the white house at seven o'clock president obama approve virginia's request for disaster declaration following the major snowstorm that hit the commonwealth in january ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts. the federal funds are for emergency work and other repairs needed in about two dozen areas the store brought feet of snow to locations across the northern part of the state later today happen see leaders are also working on the budget for next year and they want your input there is a public meeting tonight at city hall you can share your opinions about what you think should be the city's priorities twenty seventeen but it will be presented to city council this spring. meanwhile dozens of people got a chance to hear what it takes to attract businesses to their city as well as some of the development of that is on the way so he says city leaders discuss that and more
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night the director of economic development explained how the city tries to work with private property owners and to bring retail and other commercial development to him than over the past couple of years we've had great results in terms of capital investment and job creation here in the city of you know we've added to our restaurant makes we've added to our quality of life makes continue to push the envelope. one of the big project is the revamping of riverdale plaza which will be the home of a kroger marketplace and the furnishing store at home because of some of the recent work the city has done twenty nine hundred new jobs are on the way six o five nine if you need a job start printing some resumes and head to the higher peninsula career fair tomorrow with than seventy employers will gather at the marriott city center in newport news. tomorrow morning the first hour of the career fair is dedicated to veterans can register in advance. we have a link for you with thirteen is not new
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community to help homeless and low income workers is about to open in virginia beach crescent square will house forty two people who experienced homelessness and thirty eight whose incomes are half of the median wage it was developed by the nonprofit virginia supportive housing. each apartment is furnished with a full kitchen and bathroom now if you wanna get involved or interested in leasing you can go over to a website thirteen years now we have all of the details for you write an update to a story that we bought yesterday to virginia firefighters are back at work after he got suspended why so many were outraged at their suspension and also two years later and still not one answer we have got the latest on the search for flight mh
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into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk. get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. the art you can see right now downtown norfolk looking good that's the view from that hour traffic rolling along steadily on bramble to the roads are dry. taking a peek from not his back over towards fort norfolk were looking good. you can bet that that virginia beach looks good from town center as well as we switch the camera up there you can see the skies partly cloudy and some clearing dq cam
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one more look up at the beach camp taking a look and i believe this view northward up toward the pier there at virginia beach and that's a quick little tour of some of our sky views here. allie is for sherry it is a good start to the day temperature wise we're looking at fantastic conditions early on i think about folks like get out and exercise me of the day like this doesn't make it easier the upper forties to low fifties up for much of the area it is a little cooler in emporia now re reading of thirty nine degrees at the last report the look in the mid fifties near the coastal just a real nice start to the day looking at what's going on nationally we give the surge warmer out to the west we're actually going to see temperatures warm today but even warmer tomorrow and fear third state employees down a bit through the weekend with highs in the upper sixties is going to stay above normal over the next seven days of temperatures really staying very very mild as you can see down across texas they are
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storms are rolling through central texas right now as we take a look across our region will enjoy a lot of sunshine later today we get some cloud cover up this morning but skies are going to become mostly sunny. we're going to find the temperatures topping out in the mid seventies for many inland areas i think a little cooler up on the eastern shore at the airport about seventy three but you can see in the air is warmer than that and also little cooler upper sixties at the outer banks by the mid seventies tomorrow and thursday with my next update i had this cool de bustop forecast a loss to have that full seven day stay tuned for more on that right now ashleigh fills in on the western freeway and how that commute. she is still very good craig here's a live look at the west norfolk bridge this trapping here making its way westbound on one sixty four headed towards six sixty four very calm very quiet just a little bit of traffic around the corner at the bridge making its way toward fifty eight possibly the midtown tunnel traffic
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nice shape when i had my i do have an update around naval station norfolk. this shot of the chamber's field about halfway down by sixty the closure traffic is getting to the railway tunnel we are starting to see a bit more of a delay now so expect those delays creeping back to naval station norfolk this morning the peoples on how it shapes up throughout the morning back of the traffic network maps again the rest of the area not too bad here they are the maps they loved the green on and several spots really accepted the base so have a live look at that hearing just a moment again. coming up next a little bit of a delay portsmouth into norfolk fifty eastbound the midtown tunnel talk about that together coming up next. all right thank you ashley was just a heads up the women who are about to become moms don't only have to rely on the drugs area of deep
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later today a somber anniversary for hundreds of families in malaysia two years ago today flight mh three seventy went missing and still has yet to be found just yesterday a dozen families filed new lawsuits over the missing plane. today marks the deadline for families of those on the plane to take legal action and ate three seventy disappeared on march eight twenty fourteen en route from beijing to kuala lumpur. just last week an american
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africa that could belong to that malaysian plane six to a story we brought you yesterday on thirteen is now to northern virginia firefighters are back on duty today after they were suspended they say perceiving atop his life. the problem instead of using a truck that's made for transporting patients knowing seconds count to twenty year veteran james kelly says he and another colleague made that decision. they figured it would take about fifteen minutes or longer to wait for the ambulance and would put the eighteen month old child how's life at risk but they got suspended because of fire truck isn't qualified to transport people is a highly unusual occurrence for an apartment and as we do in situations that appear to fear from our spanish practice we initiated a review that sometimes though the same thing once i come to my decision i made the firefighters were reinstated after the story went viral yesterday afternoon. department spokesperson says the incident was under review because of the way the child
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not about the care provided that other is okay and back home this morning only this morning toward turmoil in the stock market took its toll on wall street bonuses and profits last year the average wall street bonus fell nine percent in twenty fifteen according to an annual report by the new york state comptroller. that's the lowest level in three years but get this worker still got an average bonus of nearly one hundred and fifty thousand dollars starbucks has a problem on their hands nothing to do with their coffee or their latte is actually their breath breakfast sandwich that is getting pulled off the shelf over listeria concerns the coffee chain is pulling the breakfast sandwich with sausage egg and cheddar cheese and an english muffin at two hundred and fifty stores however you don't have to worry about it here and those are in our area well so much pulling now they have hired a new public relations firm as customers are
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chain hired the same company that helped johnson johnson recover from that deadly tylenol tampering back in the early eighties fourth quarter revenue fell nearly seven percent actually ceo steve bell's says it was the most challenging period in the company's history and for was the one here that's normally packed for a couple months didn't have a line much traffic around in all my kids are overweight baggage the neutralizing any way different and you know it's always interesting to see what strategies companies have to take off her i would say the strategy for us get out but apply sunscreen enjoy the warm weather but even though we're early in the season that sun angle now now they're in the march get high enough where your skin can be damaged so we want you to think about sunscreen hats and sunglasses. alright i know i believe the state
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all we want to protect your vision so important right the only body we get to get to take care of i sixty five yesterday's high fifty five the average are going to be able to get out and enjoy today. beautiful early this morning partly cloudy as we get the kids ready for the bus stops are going to see the temperatures generally in the lower to mid fifties. west winds about five to ten mph later today though temperatures warming up into the upper sixties by midday and low to mid seventies for the recess they will become mostly sunny later today and what a great afternoon it's going to be on time thing about tonight the lawn more even though the grasses need to be caught when he gets a spicy just want to make sure you're ready to go for spring. as you can see right now with some cloud cover across the area but this will thin out as a mention and i was talking about the big picture here because while we will be spoiled with fantastic weather here back in the sense for us. there are some concerns and here's what's going on in a good show you here very quickly we have high pressure right
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of high pressure and blood drawn h on here just show you here on the mind tries going to be right now that they get high so we have this high pressure and it's down to the south to stop the southeast coast winds are coming up around the high pressure and they're going to be blowing in from the west and the southwest for our area and that's going to be fine for us to have this nice warm flow all across the mid atlantic but this area out here more she's going to come up from the gulf of mexico and i would say this whole region i hear from louisiana through misery and back down towards texas. this whole area watch how much rain falls in this area over the coming days we're going to see plenty of heavy rain out here. so while we're enjoying nice conditions that high pressure sets a slight east. this theory here is going to get hit with a tremendous amount of wet weather and that's going to be a real issue so i couldn't clear that so we could take a look at the future cash to see the rain there to northern louisiana parts of arkansas missouri getting hit
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high pressure eventually sliding eastward and as it does that going to see the pattern changing up a little bit to the weekend so enjoy the rest of the workweek temperatures very warm skies becoming partly to mostly sunny today and mostly sunny for your wednesday and thursday by the weekend a chance for showers late saturday night into early sunday isolated about a thirty percent chance and we'll just have to watch as the pattern breaks down after that temperatures are right now in the mid fifties around norfolk in virginia beach little cooler for some of the inland areas it is partly cloudy right now and the windsor southwest atlanta temperatures today close to seventy three will be warmer and one. lows tonight near fifty two. how about tomorrow seventy six mostly sunny so nice. southwest winds five to fifteen mph stays warm again on thursday in the temperatures drop and friday to saturday and don't forget again we're springing those clocks forward one hour and that chance for isolated
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ashley sped ahead if you get confused just check your cellphone little update on pickup in fact one thing is half the pan along with the way down. thank you greg for me to take the mound saturday night eleven of this i'm thinking great i read a section of the midtown tunnel mouth with a live look at arthur dean is now trapped the camera so this is traffic here this lane making its way toward the screen fifty eastbound at sportsman into norfolk and you can see now that steady stream happening where things are starting to slow down just a little bit away that time of the morning give yourself a little bit more time if you're headed portsmouth into norfolk fifty eastbound at the midtown tunnel westbound traffic doing a little bit better right now on the traffic network maps the only other delay i'm really monitoring at this point by sixty four westbound into the base. it's really not that bad but the closer you get to the runway tunnel rat restaurant here i would say that research to see those delays new drop down to fourteen as we approached the base gate this morning
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they still a pretty nice right now norfolk and hampton sixty four westbound at the hr bt i'll give you a live look and we'll see if things have started to pick up coming up at six thirty and sasha listen to this millennial spend an hour every single week taking south sudan about ashley earlier with the resume picture could be more dangerous ash with a variety of fresh-made seafood meals starting at just $4.99, no one does seafood like d's! try our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. or our grilled menu, featuring new tuscan tilapia. each with two sides and hush puppies. for full meals starting at $4.99,
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turns out you're likely to die for taking it so be it from slipping with the shark assay know that selfie takers have died while hiking along a cliff. posing with guns and of course driving a car it's gotten so dangerous and out of hand officials in pamplona spain have banned the sale fees during the annual running of the bulls mumbai has outlawed sophie's after nineteen deaths in india a big day for people along the outer banks as crews start work on the long awaited barter bridger lisa brown has the details plus movement on the plan to get
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it has been years in the making and today the groundbreaking is set to take place to replace the aging vine or branch brady while you slept or rescue crews saved two hundred passengers after a train derailed injuring fourteen. details just ahead on this developing story this is thirteen years now at the break of laundry senior allison restaurant a thing for joining us today is going
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with those details is going to be here this week rag bob telling a low stress it's a beautiful message we had to share how about our gorgeous beach town in virginia beach right now looking up towards the pier north along the beach for beach quarters it sure looks good to me and i can show you now only that you have out the view from the dq can you could see of somebody out riding the bike along the boardwalk the birds are out there just a fantastic start to the day downtown norfolk the peninsula the eastern shore. everybody looks good now we have a little bit of cloud cover out there but that cloud cover will thin out later today and the temperatures right now in the lower to mid fifties widespread little cooler out toward i ninety five minus forty one in four forty two there petersburg but most of the metro area and the vast majority of the abc thirteen viewing area in great shape very very mild this morning so this guys are going to clear later today we have a cup to sprinkle showing up
6:31 am
dry conditions for your morning ride and through the day this afternoon skies are clear highs today low to mid seventies officially will be a little warmer and one enjoy today and if you like the warm weather you'll love the forecast for the next oh four five days anyway we'll talk more about that and then when the pattern will eventually change coming up his to the teacher bt our egg crate particular traffic norfolk to hampton that sixty four westbound at the age are bt lets give you a live look about four miles from the title of your traffic kind of rounding the corner there passing forth you making its way to the bridge and tunnel still moving very well if you're headed to the peninsula. if you making a way further into norfolk you're also in fine shape in fine shape i should say on sixty four eastbound they're making its way the direction of five sixty four l a traffic network maps a few things to go over here still think delays around the base five sixty four westbound traffic flows now past the roadway tunnels little delays are improving but
6:32 am
to boulevard and the gates portsmouth into norfolk traffic fifty eastbound the midtown tunnel that slows the western freeway you drop from thirty five to twenty one mph the gilmer to bridge now reporting an opening in chesapeake at eight o'clock sadistic go to bed very end of the morning rush hour a day or be still set to open at noon the toppings are shaping up as of right now but we are picking up a little encampment in norfolk at the hr bt will check that at six forty six as the time now is six thirty two the day has finally arrived the terrorist workers have been waiting for work is set to begin on the bonner bridge replacement. that's right the span in the outer banks is more than fifty years old this has deteriorated significantly after every storm. elise brown joins us now so really why is this so important the morning armed with that it's important because the bonner bridge has had its share of problems in the past the scene has shifted under the bridge exposing support beams that would force and cdot to shut down the bridge so crews
6:33 am
been trying to get this project off the ground for years last june. governor pat mccrory and n c t u t reached a settlement with environmental petitioners allowing the project to move forward. today he and others will celebrate the groundbreaking of the two hundred and forty six million dollar project in a statement he said. to see this project actually break ground will be a great day for the people who live and work on the outer banks and throughout north carolina the new three and a half mile bridge replacement will be parallel to the existing bridge. state officials saying reduce future dredging needs plus it allowed people to travel from bodie island to hatteras island officials also say shoreline movement boat and into the bridge through twenty fifty groundbreaking is scheduled for ten this morning expected to be finished in three years to death only people who rely on the spurs are very excited in the studio. elise brown thirteen years now. all right elise thank you for that
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city council will be briefed on a plan to move the proposed fitness park at the oceanfront in january city council members voted down the original proposal many people spoke out against the location for the gymnastic style park the original plan was to put it at forty f n atlantic avenue but the new proposal moves it's just a few blocks south to thirty sixth st. new this morning eight years that is how long the man will spend in prison for crashing suffolk that killed an elderly woman and her daughter our partners at jet set is wesley john's yesterday he pleaded guilty to a handful of charges including involuntary manslaughter. texting while driving in possession of heroin police say johns whaley bill boulevard in that crash killed eighty four year old bernice brooks and her sixty year old daughter theresa brooks brown new information this morning about the joint us south korean drills that are supposed to begin in just a
6:35 am
american troops and then another three hundred thousand from south korea are taking place in these here lead roles. the joint drills will be the largest though since twenty ten overnight south korea announced it would sanction dozens of north korean individuals and organizations after the north threatened nuclear strikes in response to these annual drills six thirty five know developing now a federal judge has ordered wesley hassle the stepfather of an orphaned teenage a hassle to get a new defense attorney last week as public defender representing at salon a federal ammunition charge as to be taken off the case because of a conflict of interest. he will be appointed a new attorney and new sentencing date on that charge authorities found his eighteen year old stepdaughter laughter in southampton county dead however he is not charged with a tree's death condemned inmates in virginia could soon face the electric chair a bill that would bring it back is one step closer to approval. what's behind the push as daybreak continues. and then breaking
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with world-class coasters and life-long connections... it's a different thrill every time. get a pass membership, now only $11 a month. busch gardens. a whole other world awaits. . good morning beautiful hard to the day how nice is that the boardwalk lots of ot gory scene out there running in taking a ride on the boardwalk right now is quite right there seventies in atlantic. but i can tell you it'll be a
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hopped in at the oceanfront with the nice weather we have coming up mid fifties right now fifty two williams burg a little cooler and now for the wallet reporting fifty five is currently forty nine elizabeth city in eighteen ten and up toward franklin fifty a little cooler low forties along i ninety five in general will say low fifties for the morning bus stop skies partly cloudy or partly sunny temperatures will be warming up the midday we should get up into the upper sixties and low to mid seventies for the afternoon recess more sunshine coming later today when talking about this storm system that is going to be persistent this pattern in this entry last week of high pressure dominating our pattern so we're in for gorgeous weather but the same high that is providing nice weather for us is going to keep things very stormy in the central u s and they're going to do with periods of heavy rain over the next four days or so out there to the last order to be watching that. highs today locally i expect low to mid seventies
6:40 am
downtown norfolk. when warmer for sin and when there is williamsburg upper seventies may be pushing eighty i think they'll get there tomorrow and thursday as you can see nor fixed i expected to be near seventy six so warmer days ahead ashleigh looking forward to and also looking forward to getting out of this morning rush hour because we now have a few delays adding him to the list if you're making a way to norfolk sixty four eastbound here's the bridge that crosses the hampton river a mile and a half away from the hr bt we can see traffic backing up across the bridge creeping back to king street is going to be two miles of slow traffic here making its way to the south side your alternate routes monitor merrimack and the jr be both look very good right now on the traffic network map speaking of the southside the rest of our delays are there for naval station norfolk they're becoming minor at this point really as you get closer to gate three at a gate swung into hampton boulevard. that's when you see the delays the rest of five sixty four west looks pretty good and we still have those delays around the meat
6:41 am
i should say. portsmouth into norfolk. he dropped out of fifteen at the western freeway split to watch out for that. nothing delays on the monitor matches yet but will check traffic together coming up next iran's thank you so much to heart disease is the leading cause of death among men and women in this country but experts say there's a scanner that can help our damage in time to
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. some breaking news for us a trooper has died after being hit by a vehicle in debt for township according to new jersey state police a car hit thirty one year old trooper shaun collin late last night while he walked around the crash scene makes flew into a hospital he died this morning state police say the twenty two year old woman who hit the trooper stopped and she is cooperating so far no charges have been filed with the insurer. we were going to
6:45 am
were stable. sir listen to screen people are crying for help and i went to find a conductor while that sounds just ignore user reaction from a passenger who was on the train when it derailed overnight outside of san francisco that crash injured fourteen people form seriously take a look some of the pictures coming out so for me right now this from the alameda county fire department he could see one of the cars actually tumbled into a creek that's what you're looking at and here's another one this was sent in by a reporter out there in abc seven. ok je own separate cisco and you can see more of the damage that is the tree don't see what happened here the service apartment is a large tree caused all of this and fell onto the tracks during heavy rain and while you slept. rescue crews pulled two hundred passengers from the train and look for updates on the story coming up on the board america and new dramatic video shows the garbage truck falling off an interstate ramp and miami take a look at this video the florida highway patrol just released this dash cam video of last month's crash it shows the truck crashed
6:46 am
i ninety five and it follows look at this nearly one hundred feet to the ground landing in a parking lot of the park get this that rock landed right side up in the driver survived its after he was thrown from the crash police have not said exactly what caused him to go through the guardrail six forty six a time a new this morning the state senate has approved a bill that would let the state to execute death row inmates by electric chair we cannot fund the full injection drugs. the bill now goes before the house of delegates which has already passed a similar bill in recent years virginia and other states have had a tough time finding drugs for lethal injection because drug companies have protested using their drugs for executions. new this morning the fight to stream nfl games online is on facebook amazon rise norm of the companies interested in streaming nfl game so how big are the stakes here. well nbc and cbs are paying about nine
6:47 am
combined for two years of thursday night football on tv sony has unveiled the world's smallest compact camera with eight thirty times optical zoom lens also features an eighteen megapixel sensor a pop up flash and a retractable viewfinder is available next month the price tag three hundred and fifty dollars and check out the all electric car that has set a new speed record is pretty cool the heavily modified corvette known as the elevation the gsc in a top speed of over one hundred and eighty six mph at the kennedy space center in florida price tag on this unit was going to be cheap right. write a three hundred and thirty grand while we're there for them other than the kennedy space center. haha the promoter spend the day in the early you know what i have to test drive out there on the track is two years ago or is a
6:48 am
benz you get up over like a hundred hundred in whatever was fifteen or whatever they were doing as if the nice things up on the track was plenty fast you want a be sad the day of work before i really have been to disney when the other car shows a lot of other corvettes shot a go really fast at times yet anyways but not on our roads around hampton who do not want ashley giving us any traffic updates the needs and see anything over a hundred don't know why i don't do this at high temperatures here in the low to mid fifties gorgeous partly cloudy right now we are gonna see mild conditions this morning it was pretty warm to the afternoon sixty eight by midday seventy three for the afternoon high mostly sunny. say what you want your sunglasses and it's a top down kind of day on the convertibles looking forward to a get my jeep that eventually drop in that top what we're going to find across serious guys are going to become mostly sunny while
6:49 am
now a couple light sprinkles back out over the mountains miles at sub nine making it down to the ground that won't be a problem for us. this is going to be a problem out to the west so a prolonged period of rain is going to set up and sent us the reason for that high pressure is going to anchor just off the southeast coastline that's going to provide the warm air in the sunshine for our area still as beautiful as the weather is in hampton roads along the southeast coastline even up towards the northeast it's going to be fantastic but this ridge to provide the sunshine here going to be like a line about the nfl or college football you get those big linemen just walking right holding the defenders from ca mature quarterback that's basically what we're looking at here to get his blocking ridge of high pressure just going to keep the storms out to the west are not going to progress to the east not until his blocker this area of high pressure slides east or so it's gotta be firmly there for the next several days we're looking and very
6:50 am
the same area could produce some flooding issues in their tent for some severe storms as well so we'll be mindful of that for our neighbors out to the west here across our region though we will take advantage of the nice weather as i mentioned that high slides eastward on saturday into sunday will be far enough offshore that i think we could see showers pushing the ending sunday maybe even monday temperatures very mild right now as i mentioned upper forties to low and mid fifties it is partly cloudy at the airport southwest winds at eleven mph. highs today will reach about seventy three degrees as we look over the next seven days seventy six tomorrow and for your thursday as we head to the weekend temperatures dropping back to the upper sixties daylight saving time begins saturday night into early sunday morning and as we get into the day sunday a few isolated showers possible in a low risk on monday here's ash with an update on the monitor merrimack akron we have not yet checked traffic at the monitor about this morning so here's a live
6:51 am
making its way either toward newport news at six sixty four north or six sixty four south headed toward the puck right now traffic is in very nicely but the monitor merrimack might be a little to route for you if you had from the peninsula to the south side because we do have some delays the hr bt let's go ahead and hop into that and talk about it. we had back to the maps now we'll take a look at the hr bt u can see we have a pretty decent two mile backup right now start making street and up to fourteen and stop and go until you get to the tunnel and you're out to norfolk naval station norfolk the delays are very minor at this point really approaching gates one and two and hampton boulevard the rest of five sixty four west even though it is a look here it is clear and we still have those delays as well pour cement in norfolk at the midtown tunnel eastbound traffic starts to slow at the western freeway that's when you drop down to fifteen w have some more delays right now around the downtown tunnel plus an update on a bridge with all coming up in the next five
6:52 am
for that new this morning have you ever wondered how healthy your heart is or if you have early signs of heart disease. there's a simple scan that checks for calcium deposits in your coronary arteries the deposits called cas vacations in these arteries. it's an early indication of coronary heart disease which could lead to a heart attack even though it seems very healthy. i was a good candidate for the calcium scoring scheme in two thousand and three i lost my father to a heart attack he was only fifty eight years old card is dr cullen menu explains the family history part is the one that is really not that well understood and if it's if you're concerned about having the fam has to offer first the growth of having early disease the other fifty five and then this is the five the woman this is helpful to see do they actually have underlying disease as well if you are over these forty and had no personal hard issue to date you may want to consider the test yourself a
6:53 am
about ten minutes. it's a load o c t scan that uses x rays to take detailed pictures that you're parked in lot a cardiologist reviews the scan determines your calcium score. this is a cross section through a chat this is the rib cage and go see the cows in the bones in the ribs and this is the heart and it's the big vessels and when you scan down to the heart difference cuts will receive the city council to pause in the arteries with the score can be interpreted by your primary care doctor or a cardiologist. there's a recommended course of treatment. my score was zero no calcium in my rms so based on the scan i have a less than one percent chance per year. i don't have the party the next five years yes so great news there for me as very happy to get those results but had deposits been detected my doctor may have made the recommendations anything from just changing my diet and getting more exercise to possibly getting
6:54 am
of a heart attack in cases where that calcium score is really high. a cardiologist may recommend a stress test and additional medical procedures nor do i mention this test may not be for everyone you should talk your doctor before getting scanned insurance companies are not covering the test but right now bonds of course is offering this canada discount through the month of march it'll cost you fifty nine dollars and they will talk with but that's okay it's a good deal something you may want to consider every one of
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. i good morning here on the one america breaking news overnight a commuter train in california de railing and plunging into a creek the train packed with more than two hundred people everyone for surviving the incident are live at the scene all coming up next right here and your top story in the morning rush to work starts today on the long awaited bother bridge replacements fan in the outer banks is more than fifty years old has deteriorated significantly. transportation officials have even close a bridge completely in the past and cdot will hold a groundbreaking ceremony this morning. the new bridge will run parallel to the old one
6:58 am
as well the project is expected to take three years to complete later today virginia beach city council will be briefed on a plan to move a proposed fitness park at the oceanfront in january city council members voted down the original proposal many people spoke out against the location for the gymnastics south park the original plan was to put it at fortieth street and atlantic avenue the new proposal would move it just a few blocks south to thirty six tree but daschle here plus the roads we get the lay of the downtown tunnel want to start there because we haven't yet talked about it so let's take a live look now in norfolk to travel to the left hand side of your screen is really starting to slow down that's norfolk and portsmouth. traffic headed to the downtown tunnel. he spent a little bit slow to now coming out of portsmouth and making its way into norfolk so we do have those delays their heads up the berkeley branch now opening at nine o'clock this morning says another left dad to the other listed are going on and i'll post those details online but
6:59 am
had any big accident this morning has been good news there. and now we had to be even better news junkies that chill vibe going and i love looking outside right now hampton looking great lots of sunshine out there and as we take a look again well maybe they don't have it there is this the meeting the high anyway sentosa day talking around seventy three right now in the mid fifties so it's going to warm up nicely and how about mid seventies to upper seventies good morning, america. breaking overnight, a train full of passengers derails out west striking a tree and plunging into the water below. more than 200 on board scrambling to escape. rescue workers smashing windows of of. up for grab, voters in four states heading to the polls.
7:00 am
>> an overfull crowd greets donald trump. hillary clinton pledges to do everything to stop it. >> we will not let a person like that ever become president of the united states. >> donald trump joins us live. bombshell admission. tennis superstar maria sharapova coming clean revealing the secret go a drug test that could rock her career. what the five-time grand slam winner is saying now. i out a twist guess who battling it out with ginger zee in "dancing with the stars." wait till you see what's coming next. >> 10. >> 10. >> 10. >> the full "dancing with the stars" cast here live for their first interview only on "gma." and good morning, america.


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